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SMP Portland offers the most natural results to combat hair loss in Washington. Our award winning artists go beyond the norm to ensure your results are long lasting, undetectable, and blended to perfection. Our consistent five star Google ranking confirms our commitment to hyper realism, professionalism, and advanced techniques.

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Beat Hair Loss with Your Local Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in Vancouver, WA

Hair loss can affect anyone for any reason, and men and women all over the country experience the dramatic effects this condition can produce. At SMP Portland, we have undergone extensive scalp micropigmentation training in order to provide our clients with the highest-quality results in Vancouver, WA that stand the test of time. We create exceptional hair loss treatment programs that will have you feeling and looking more confident. We offer SMP for women and men to produce natural-looking results you will love.

What is SMP for Women and Men?

Choosing a hair baldness treatment can be a difficult decision, but at SMP Portland, we provide women and men with scalp micropigmentation treatment in Vancouver, WA that offers beautiful and long-lasting results. We inject pigment into the skin to mimic a fresh buzz cut look, allowing you to create the appearance of thicker, more beautiful hair. We customize your treatment to provide natural-looking results, and pride ourselves on offering outstanding service from start to finish. See the difference scalp micropigmentation can make to your confidence.

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Overcome hair loss with an effective treatment that creates natural and beautiful looking results with SMP Portland, your scalp micropigmentation clinic in Vancouver, WA. To find out more about our services, schedule your appointment today by calling us at (971) 333-1107.


Veteran Experience In Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP Portland offers experience, passion, and clean service. We offer a safe space to discuss your hair loss concerns with highly experienced senior artists with a combined experience of 7 years. Scalp Micropigmentation is the ultimate solution to hair loss which affects over 50% of the population. It is the only option which offers instant results within three hours. The process is simple, the cost is affordable, and your time with us will change your life. We are conveniently located just outside of Portland Oregon in East Vancouver, Washington.

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Scalp Micropigmentation

We offer a multitude of services to fit any age appropriate hair line, hair color, and hair density. Choose from the services below which most closely matches your level of concern. On average, most males and females suffer from pattern baldness which affects the hairline, mid -crown, temples, beard, or the back of the crown. If you suffer from hair transplant scars we can blend them up to 80%.

Soft Hairline

A soft hairline is staggered from temple to temple in order to create a soft faded look. This treatment is great for men or women who want to recreate their old hairline, or bring symmetry to their face.

SMP For Women

Women are now coming in for treatments to reconstruct their hairlines, part lines, and crown. Most women start lose their hair due to genetics, stress, hormones, surgeries, or age.


Density treatments are for men and women who have thinning on the hairline, midcrown, or the back of the crown. You must qualify for a density treatment in order to schedule your first appointment.


Scar treatments are soft staggered pixelated impressions placed into the skin to blend the scar tissue into the current hair follicles. Scar tissue can be camouflaged up to 80%.


Density treatments are for men and women who have thinning on the hairline, midcrown, or the back of the crown. You must qualify for a density treatment in order to schedule your first appointment.

Hard Hairline

A hard hairline mimics a barber’s hairline or edge up. This treatment is great for men or women who want to maintain a sharp and edgy look that frames their face.
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Hygiene Standards

SMP Portland takes pathogen transmission seriously, which is why we have installed a Sanuvair® S300 filter system which eliminates mold, viruses and bacteria and reduces the exposure time of airborne contaminants. Other contaminants such as odors and VOC’s are also deactivated by UV. The HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of particles sized 0.3 micron and larger. We wipe down all work surfaces with hospital grade disinfectant, and we work tirelessly to ensure our patrons are as safe as possible while being serviced.

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