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Before & Aftercare

Scalp Care

The results and longevity of your tattoo will depend greatly on how you take care of your brows during the healing process and beyond. Each client’s skin will respond differently, both in the length of time it takes to heal, and the number of sessions needed for your desired results and color retention. This information acts as a guideline only, and we cannot guarantee your results.

  • No alcohol 24 hours prior
  • No caffeine the day of
  • No blood thinners
  • Discontinue use of fish oil or vitamin e one week prior
  • No antibiotics 2 months prior

*not following these rules will result in forfeiting your appointment and deposit

  • Scratching or removal of scabs, dry skin/flakiness.
  • Direct water on the scalp tattoo and the use of cleansers, soaps and heavy creams. (wash around the areas using a cleaning cloth or oil-free makeup wipe.)
  • Vaseline, neosporin and any other petroleum based products.
  • Activities that will cause sweating for 10 days.
  • Swimming pools, hot tubs or other bodies of water for 14 days.
  • Uv exposure (including tanning booths).
  • Laser light therapy, as it can darken/lighten or distort the pigment.
    Hair systems
  • Extremely hot water while showering

After your scalp appointment, it is best that you avoid touching, showering or shaving the treated area for 48 hours. You want to discontinue use of any moisturizers, sweating, sauna, swimming and direct sunlight during these 48hours as well. Day 3, you may wash the scalp with warm water and gentle soap. Apply the healing cream to scalp 2-3 times daily to prevent dryness and flaky skin. Avoid razor shaving until scalp is healed. We recommend electric shaving only for the first 7 days. Clients with long hair can brush hair,just be careful of brushing or scrubbing the scalp. Resume normal washing and activities after 7 days of healing. At each session, we build density. It is normal for scalp to be light in color after first or second session.

Exposure to the sun and tanning beds can cause fading and discoloration of the pigment. Once completely healed, always apply sunscreen (50 spf or greater) on brow area.

Avoid using chemical exfoliants on the brows, as it will cause fading.

Do not do laser near your head. Some lasers may change the color of the ink.