SMP Portland


I had my work done with Justin two years ago. He made me instantly at ease and comfortable. I’m completely bald on top and was concerned this wouldn’t work for such a large area 😆 Fast forward two years I have just had my touch up and am super happy. It’s really strange now when I see photos of myself prior to meeting Justin and having the SMP work done. A very comfortable studio and professional service!! Two thumbs up from me!!
Benjamin Gill
Product Manager
The experience with Justin was amazing. He is kind, thoughtful, and an SMP expert. He was patient explaining the process and tailoring the hairline and density to fit the shape of my head. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and experience. I have never felt more confident since getting SMP at SMP Portland. If you’re on the fence, chose SMP Portland and have it done the right way! You will not regret it.
Jaime Parkere
Happy Client
Justin is amazing. Not only his work but his personality. As a female dealing with thin hair most of my life I’ve felt very insecure. Justin made me feel at ease and not embarrassed of my hair loss. I felt like I was coming to see a friend at every session. I feel so much more confident and not always worried that people are staring at my thin head of hair. Thank you Justin for making me feel better about myself!
Happy Client