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Get The Best Scalp Micropigmentation

Our Certified Training Program

Justin Johnson, founder of SMP Portland will guide you through an in-depth, step-by-step training to master Scalp Micropigmentation. As the #1 Scalp Micropigmentation artist in Portland, Oregon and a leader in the entire Pacific Northwest, this is the best place for your training and to kickstart your new career.

Approximate Income

$3,995 - $5,500

Course Cost


Average Cost
of Treatment


Weekly Income
Based On 2 Clients


Yearly Income

Our Training Course

Course Cost:
$3,995 without starter kit
$5,500 w/starter kit

Starter Kit Includes what you need to get started: Flux S Wireless Machine, Folicule Pigment, FYT Needles, Ink cups, Clay Pencil, Mannequin head

Day 1

  • Different forms of hair loss.
  • Forms of hair loss treatments VS SMP.
  • Color matching Technique Density
  • Tray set up and cleanliness
  • Aftercare
  • Live Demo

Day 2

  • Advanced day of hairlines.
  • Technique Depth and density
  • Melon practicing
  • Live Demo

Day 3 & 4

  • Live model practicing
  • How to determine pricing
  • Graduation

– Up to date blood borne pathogen ($15.00)
– Valid state id

The following documents need to be emailed to prior to your class date

About SMP Portland

Justin Johnson,  Founder of SMP Portland, has created a trendy and comfortable space where men can come to fight hair-loss and regain confidence using Scalp Micropigmentation. Justin is trained by Matt Iulo, Owner of Scalp Micro USA.

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